14th European Echocardiography Course on Congenital Heart Disease
Barcelona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra Poblenou Campus- Auditorium October 9th- 12th, 2019

Local organizer: Bart Bijnens

Course organizers: Jan Marek, Luc Mertens, Folkert Meijboom


Wednesday OCTOBER 9th

09.00 Opening remarks

Session I Practical aspects of Congenital Echocardiography

09.05  Image Optimization in Congenital Echocardiography- Technical tips

 09.30 Quantitative measurements in individuals of different size and age

10.00 Imaging windows and views in CHD

10.30 Coffee break  

Session II - Ventricular function in CHD

11.00 Assessment of left ventricular systolic function in CHD

11.30 Assessment of right ventricular function in congenital heart disease

12. 00 Assessment of single ventricular function


Session III Segmental approach to normal and abnormal situs

13.30 Morphology  

13.55 Echocardiography

14.20 Questions & discussion

Session IV - ASD & VSD

14.30 Morphology ASD

14.50 Echocardiography ASD

15.10 Morphology VSD

15.30 Echocardiography VSD

15.50 Questions & discussion

15.50 Coffee break

Session V preparation for the accreditation examination  & clinical cases

16.20 How to prepare for the accreditation examination

16.40 Case of the day

Session VI Live scanning

17.00 Live scanning

17.30 Live scanning

18.00 End of Session


Thursday OCTOBER 10th

08.30 Opening remarks

Session VII Atrio-ventricular septal defects

08.30 Morphology

09.00 Echocardiography AVSD, pre-and postoperative

09.30 Questions & discussion

Session VIII Tetralogy of Fallot

09.40 Morphology

10.10 Echocardiography- pre- operative

10.30 Echocardiography post-operative  and adult

10.50 Questions & discussion

11.00 Coffee break

Session IX Transposition of the great arteries

11.30 TGA Morphology

12.00 Pre and peri-operative assessment and arterial switch

12.30 Arterial switch, atrial switch and Rastelli

13.00 Questions & discussion


Session X aorta, coronaries & coarctation

14.15 Morphology aorta

14.45 Echocardiography, assessment of morphology aorta & coarctation

15.05 Abnormalities of coronary artery origins (including ALCAPA).

15.35 Coronary arteries in congenital heart disease congenital heart disease

16.05 Questions & discussion

16.15 Coffee break

Session XI clinical cases & live scanning

16.45 case of the day

17.00 Live scanning

17.30 End of the session


Friday OCTOBER 11th

09.00 Opening remarks

Session XII  Functionally Univentricular Hearts

09.00  Morphology

09.30 Echocardiography morphology UVH,

10.00 Echocardiography palliation UVH: shunts, PCPC and TCPC

10.30. Functional assessment Fontan circulation.

11.00 Questions & discussion

11.15 Coffee break

Session XIII tricuspid valve & M.Ebstein

11.45 Tricuspid valve  & anomalies

12.15 Ebstein malformation

12.45 Questions & discussion

13.00 Lunch break

Session XIV. Practical test which serves as preparation for accreditation examination and Quiz for Echo-Oskar award

14.00 Chair: Owen Miller, London

15.30 End of the session

20.00 Social event and announcement of the best score of the test examination: Echo Oskar Award 2019


Saturday OCTOBER 12th

Advanced techniques in CHD

9.00—9.30 Innovations in echocardiography

9.30 -10.00 Computational modeling- applications in CHD

10.00-10.30 Atrial function in pediatric heart disease- does it matter?

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Use of echocardiography in clinical decision-making

11.00- 11.30 Exercise and imaging

11.30-12.00. Role of imaging in electrophysiology

12.00-12.30 Decision-making in the operating room- peri-operative imaging

12.30 Discussion and final remarks

12.45 Adjourn

Rome, October 10-13, 2018

13th European Echocardiography Course
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