Organising Committee

Jan Marek, MD
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
London, United Kingdom
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Folkert Meijboom, MD
UMCU - University Hospital
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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Luc Mertens, MD
Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto, Canada
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Cristina Almeida, Toronto Canada
Marcello Chinali, Roma Italy
Paolo Ciliberti, Roma Italy
Meryl Cohen, Philadelphia PA USA
Andrew Cook, London United Kingdom
Alessia Del Pasqua, Roma Italy
Giovanni Di Salvo, London United Kingdom
Fabrizio Drago, Roma Italy
Mark Friedberg, Toronto Canada
Fiore Iorio, Roma Italy
Xavier Iriart, Bordeaux
France Leo Lopez, Miami FL USA
Jan Marek, London United Kingdom
Folkert Meijboom, Utrecht The Netherlands
Luc Mertens, Toronto Canada
Owen Miller, London United Kingdom
Luciano Pasquini, Roma Italy
Gabriele Rinelli, Roma Italy
John Simpson, London United Kingdom
Umberto Squarcia, Parma Italy

Rome, October 10-13, 2018

13th European Echocardiography Course
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